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To develop、Development、Make hundreds of force sensor、Pressure transmitter、Intelligent instrument and computer control system

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30A seismic sensor monitoring of New Zealand's largest fault line
The picture shows2016Years11Mr Khoja kay(Kaikoura)The road collapse caused by the earthquake After two weeks of hectic,Leading international study by New Zealand scientists...
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Bengbu sensor system engineering co., LTD
Bengbu sensor system engineering co., LTD. Was established in the national force sensor base integrating research and development、Production、Sales of sensors、Meters and weighing control system for the integration of high-tech enterprises,Bengbu sensor industry large enterprises。Our company focus on a group of innovative、Youth elites,Specialize in sensors、The transmitter、Intelligent instrument of scientific research and development and manufacturing。Have made outstanding contribution for our country important scientific research project。 The company was established more than 20 years,Absorption and digestion, respectively, the Japanese corporation republican electric utility、The United StatesKULITEThe male...

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